Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~SEM 5~

OMG...I hope my holidays to be longer...6 weeks had fast...i muz be hardworking dis last minutes works...Kelly Fum,pls remember wat u have promised ya....dun be so lazy...i muz hypnotize reali sien lo...y i take pharmacy?regret is too jz take it easy! cheers gal! enjoy my sem 5~

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I went to lots of places these few weeks... vy tired!
Jz backed from PD... nw i m busy with my hostel stuff...
hv 2move in my things and buy sum furniture...
will upload all the pictures dis week...
1more thing is i hv 2start my sem2 on monday-12/1
sigh... sure a hectic life!!! sob sob...
bt can meet all my coursemates, fun oso! hehe

Thursday, December 25, 2008

~24-12-2008 X'mas eve~

~My dear & I at KLCC~

~m3 and X'mas tree~

~my dear~


~eating at Chilis~

~Pina Chilada~

~Chocolate banana~

~lamb shoulder~

~Classic Chicken~


~Celebrating X'mas eve wf my baby~

~my stomach was contented~

~nice drink~

~after dinner met Chai at St.John Church~

~reali a special X'mas eve for me~


~aiyo, y there was a gal standing bside us?~

~memorable nite~

~Small gathering at Wings cafe 23-12-2008~

>Chai picked up 4gurls-me, wen shiuan, li jia and cheau ying
(thanks a lot ya, coi yeye)
>Met up at 10.30pm at Times Square Starbucks, we were late.
>Sean, Wei Loon & his fren reached ady.
(sorry ya to 3guys waiting there)
>Shifted to Wings cafe coz cheau ying vy hungry.
>Me, li jia, cheau ying, sean & chai ordered beers.

At Wings cafe- 8 of us

Sean, y u covered yr face? shy?

Wei Loon's fren, Wei Loon & Li Jia
(sorry ya, 4gt yr name)

Coi yeye & m3

5 0f us

4gurls-wen shiuan, cheau ying, li jia & m3

sorry li jia, my hand was shaking-Blur

Coi yeye suddenly moved his head in

Look alike- brothers

me, wen shiuan & cheau ying

long time never meet up, mis u, shiuan

sexy gal & me

Li jia's face so red!

m3 & coi yeye

Small little X'mas tree

dis time better, not that blur!

3 narcists!

me & sean- tall guy

last picture of tat nite